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Good evening! Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you for the exceedingly kind shares regarding Maddy’s “UP” inspired doll house - She absolutely *loved*it, such a joy to see her play and watch her amazing imagination bloom :)

I’m working on a Dr. Horrible movie poster style design right now (introduced Maddy to a few songs from the soundtrack over the weekend - another winner!), expanding my style and technique a little bit.

Man, art. I’m so grateful that I get to share all of this with you - and every day I can’t quite get over how lucky I am that I’m able to spend so much of my life making things in the first place. It’s crazy, sometimes I feel like I might wake up tomorrow and not be able to do it any more - but for now I can, and I’m making the absolute most of it :) I don’t even know if that makes sense - I’m exhausted!

I’ll try write a better thing tomorrow - in the mean time, ninight! Lova ya!


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